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About Us

I discovered Acrylic pouring during lock down and became fascinated with it . I have spent a small fortune in gathering my supplies – i suspect that is a similar story for many of you . 

One of the products i kept reading about was the Australian Floetrol . I realized that the only place to get it from was Australia. Having ordered a bottle and waited weeks for it to arrive i also had to pay duty on it . 

My son Gavin and i have been importing products for more than 12 years . We used to be a wholesale bead company Bead Time Ltd . We  now import fabric under the name Fabric Time ltd and sell this from our retail premises in Chippenham Wiltshire and on line.

When I realized that no one was selling the Floetrol in the UK i saw the opportunity to fill this gap. We have our shipping agents in place and the experience importing products.

We have an agent in China who we have worked with for a number of years  and is sourcing products for us to add to our range .

Happy pouring 

Gill & Gavin